January 10, 2011

coley's wishlist

it's a quiet morning here at the Creighton house... (Jason hasn't even left his room so far today) so I thought I'd share with you a few of my covets. ;)

one or two bright pairs of Converse.
I'm stuck on the color decision though... I know I don't want black, or grey, or pretty much any other neutral color. Converse are too much fun to be basic!! and low-tops are a must.

not-so-practical sunglasses.
I kinda have the same dilemma with sunglasses that I have with hats. I search and search, but can't find a good pair. Maybe this will be the year!

BKE jeans.
Not gonna make a habit of these unless I suddenly inherit a lot of money. Silvers are my first love, but I know from experience... BKE's look so good. :) 

Panda hat.
I can't believe I don't own one of these!!!!

Blackberry Curve.
when will our contract end?! hahaha

straight sexy hair.
Love these products. If only they didn't cost an arm and a leg, because I only have two of each.

and along that same line... a salon quality straightener.
This pink flat iron can be found at beautychoice.com for a mere $145.00... and free shipping in the US! what a steal. c'mon. :) 

mini netbook :) 
this would be so nice for school. my laptop weighs like a hundred pounds. probably wouldn't go with one as teeny as that, ^ though. 

and LAST.. but CERTAINLY not least... white wedges!
can anyone say summer?! (I feel like I should have one more wish on here... because that was only 9. And 10 is simply a superior number. So let me think for a minute and I'll see if I can come up with anything else.)

*thinks... thinks... thinks*
number 10: a soft perm.
just for a little change. :) 


Frizz said...

Nicole, it was funny reading this post because it was so similar to my wish list. I was at Target on Friday trying on Converse but didn't get a pair because I couldn't decide between black, or gray. Did you know you can custom make them online? It's pretty neat; you should look if you haven't. I designed a “me-ish” pair that were brown, with orange, and lime green. They are around $60. I still haven’t decided if I want to go cheaper and normal, or original and a little bit more on the pricey end as shoes go.
Also I've been trying to find a good pair of Espadrilles for this summer.
Anyhow, your post made me laugh.

Nicole said...

Yeah the custom ones are cool!!! I don't know that I'm creative enough to come up with a pair I'd like and actually wear... I found an aqua pair that are really pretty, and some that I would call "periwinkle". But I decided to just wait awhile.

I also though the yellow ones were super cute but that I would get them dirty. sigh. dirt is such a pain sometimes, and yet so fun. :) But I'd advise to spring for original and pricey. You know me. hahaha :)

Hannah said...

I think bright red would be super cute.