January 2, 2011


this is a poem I wrote the other night... I was mad and couldn't sleep. :P

I'm just a blonde insomniac
Thoughts keep parading through my head
Every few minutes I shift my position,
But the view stays the same.

I guess I fall asleep just to dream,
And my dreams are weird.

I can't get comfortable, I can't slow my mind
And I think I'll be awake forever.
I'm just a blonde insomniac
I'm too young to use that excuse.
All I can do is toss and turn
My heart and my head won't call truce.

A good night's rest, a dreamless sleep
To just close my eyes is all I need
To wake up happy, feeling refreshed
To brush my teeth and whistle as I get dressed

I'm just a blonde insomniac
Too tired to fall asleep... 

1 comment:

Rena said...

That's great, Nicole!