February 20, 2011

I know now exactly what our love was meant for!

imaginary shopping again! maurice's has some darling new spring items:

I love the color of this dress! They call it, "geranium". It just makes me think of spring romps and Easter and... happiness. Here are a few more things I love. 
These relaxed capris are Silvers. I love the slightly distressed wash. 
I almost bought this shirt, but they didn't have my size. One of the dragonflies is outlined in tiny rhinestones.
(LOVE! WANT! these are going on my wishlist. everytime it rains or is slushy I wish for a pair of these.) 
This dress reminds me of a taylor swift music video or something. it's so sweet and feminine.
'Tis the season for breezy dresses!!


Jillian said...

Me want the geranium & the taylor swift wannabe dress! Can I please?! Huh huh huh!

Hannah said...

I love capris!! And those ones are really cute! :-)

Raja-Man said...

long time no see.....

hey, r u going to creation this year?

Nicole said...

yeah I think so :) are you?!