May 24, 2011

words are just fun to say.

Check my Bucket List! Something has been crossed off. This morning I drove into town at 8:00 for my appointment at Salon Jazlin--perrrrrrmmmmm! I'm very nervous about doing permanent things to my hair, so every few days up until the appointment I would freak out a little bit, and then relax and be excited. Even this morning, as she was rolling the curls, I thought, I wonder if it's too late to back out. But I fully trust Sarah and her hair capabilities and my perm turned out really cute. She said it will relax even more in anywhere from 2 days to a week. (I must admit... $75 was kind of a lot to spend on a bucket list item, but hopefully it will make my summer a lot less painful. Not like, "ew! I wanna jump in the water but my hair will get all nasty and wavy! :( " )

I don't remember if it's on my Bucket List or not, but BKE jeans have also been acquired. They are at Buckle now, waiting to be hemmed. I get to take them home for good on Thursday. ^_^ I also somehow bought a pair of capris--not quite sure how that happened. However, they are on layaway, so I won't have them around for about 50 days. It probably would have been more logical to put the long pants on layaway, and get the summer ones NOW... hmm. Hindsight is 20/20. (by the way, those are my exact jeans up there. They are BKE Rachel.)

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