September 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

-Not having hot water this morning! Brrrr!
-Watching a fat man imitate a seal on 22 Words (I'm not sure if the fact that I watched it is more awkward, or if it's the fact that I found it absolutely hilarious and watched it over again. More than once.)
-The fact that I haven't updated my blog pretty much all summer. 
-Watching a man chase his toddler all the way outside. A parent should never have to chase their kid.. (says the one who isn't a parent. ha.) 
-Not really having any homework.

- Russell buying me a steak ^_^
- Study buddy plans. 
- Lizzy telling Aletha that she remembers [Auntie Nicole], very loves her, and chooses her to be her friend. 
- Closing at eight instead of nine. <3 
- Having a really, really good day.

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