September 21, 2011

my car fell in love.

Today when I drove to the bank, I parked my poor old Sarah next to a beat-up Ford. When I came out of the bank, I'm sure she had inched closer and there were little love-bubbles floating from her engine up to the sky.

My car fell in love.

And that's when it occurred to me that I need out of this town.

Not forever. Just a little while. Just long enough to experience a town that's never heard of Nicole Creighton, who grew up here, oh and  hasn't she been taking piano from the same person forever? Oh, that's the girl that's almost nineteen. She still lives at home and teaches music to kids she's known since they were born.

Oh, that girl. 

I want to know what it's like to follow my instincts. Maybe one day I will be driving home and I just won't stop. (But not with Sarah. She's a homebody and I know better.)

I want to know what it's like to explore a town I wasn't born in, and I want to experience homesickness. I want to name my own dog and write a blog post from my own cute little apartment.

I guess I just want to live a little?

This was going to be a poem, because poetry seems unavoidable for me lately, but I thought I'd just write. It turned out a little too nonfictional to be a poem, so I'm leaving as-is. But just know...

I have a thirst.

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