November 2, 2011

10 Things I Love About Alexa Fey Schnee

Last fall, I took a writing 101 course at FVCC. My first assignment was to write an article for the college newspaper, and the topic I chose was Alexa Fey Schnee. It was so easy, it almost felt like cheating. I wrote out about 7 questions and interviewed her in the big conference room downstairs in AT. The article was fabulous and I received an A (I remember it was my first college A! I felt like such a big girl).

On Alexa's blog, she often writes "Ten Things" posts. I thought it would be cute if I wrote a "Ten Things I Love about Lex" segment for my own article. I did write it out, but it made the article too long to fit the requirements, so I had to omit the whole section (unfortunately). However, as I was just now paging through my writing 101 notebook, I found the list, and it's too cute not to share.

1. Her positive outlook. Cliche', I know. But anyone that can cheer me up when I'm PMSing and coffee deprived deserves to be called positive.

2. Her wardrobe. Sometimes she gives me hand-me-down pieces of it; lucky me!

3. Her haircut. I adore the super short haircut that practically screams, "I'm a classy author!" and "I belong to Paris!" (not Hilton.)

4. Her middle name. Alexa Fey has such a romantic ring to it.

5. Her pink Blackberry. But I'm not jealous, honest. I just love it.

6. Her sense of humor. If you get the chance, ask her about the time she told the phone solicitor that at age 15, she was the proprietor of an orphanage....

7. Her smile. Another cliche', I realize, but there's nothing like a bright sunshiney Alexa smile.

8. Her little Alexa-isms that I try to save and write down for when she is famous. "You need to expand your horizons, Coley. Men are like chocolate. If you have a type, you might miss out on something dark and delicious."

9. Her taste in men. Another wording of this statement could be, "her obsession with Gerard Butler." I believe we could all use a little more Gerard in our lives.

10. Sappy as this may sound... her friendship to me. Seems like we just always got along very well. Lex and her Coley. Same size feet. One a writer, one a singer. Linking arms and sharing stories. Living life one day at a time. Holding hands on occasion (when it is not awkward to do so).

She's gonna laugh when she sees I posted this :)

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