November 23, 2011

Thankful :)

I'm thankful for today, for sunshine, for frost, for tall boots.

I'm thankful for family, for friends good and not-so-good, for love and laughter shared.

I'm thankful for opportunity, for having a job I love and for one I maybe don't love as much, for a home and car.

I'm thankful for the huge lattes that make me fake happy on days when I need it, and just extra happy on days when I don't.

I'm thankful for a mom that I can fight with, instead of hiding stuff from her.

I'm thankful for two beautiful nieces who will soon be taller than I.

I'm thankful for Jesus spreading His arms wide and dying because He loves me that much.

I'm thankful for poetry, for music, for my purity ring,

I'm thankful I know a handful of gentlemen so that I know how I should expect to be treated.

I'm thankful for feathers, for leaves, for gentle snow, for sand, for grass, for wind, for sky.

I'm thankful to have my brother home for a few days.

I'm thankful for warmth and heat and snuggling.

I'm thankful for you <3

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Anonymous said...

Your blog needs "like" buttons. Because I totally would've "liked" this. :)