January 5, 2012

I may not be the best girl...

I may not be the best girl. I may not get every joke and I may not know every politician. I may not make my bed every day and I may not always pray before I sleep.

I might text a little too much and talk a little too loud. I might be a little silly, I might spend too much money.

I may be frivolous. I may demand attention.

I might get lost in big cities and I might feel lost without my journal. I might not be the least bit talented; I might not know what I want to do with my life.

I may not want children right away and I may not always be the perky thing you think I am. I may not keep a clean house or cook very much.

I might like to be on the Internet. I might be best friends with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I might like living in a small town.

I may just adore Disney movies and I may just always be up for a coffee date.

I may not be the best girl... but I am a real girl, and my heart loves deep.

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Martha A. said...

Real girls are the best! But there is something tone said for having children right away. I never wanted to be married or have children at all....and I am so glad I had children right away when I did end up married! They are the best thing in my life!