February 6, 2012


This year holds a lot of potential for me. I could be moving out, I could be moving away, I could stay here. There's a lot undecided...but here's what I know I want to (and can) do this year:

read 36 books. I have the titles all listed on a piece of paper. I've finished one so far... One Thousand Gifts... it was phenomenal.

finish my journal. I'm about halfway done.

lose those pesky 18 pounds. I could blame it on Sizzler, I could blame it on college... but really I can only blame me. There are plenty of skinny people in college... and plenty of skinny people at Sizzler =\ However, a friend of mine and I are long-distance accountabilit..ing... and we've got a plan all worked. SKINNY FOR SUMMER!

visit Atlanta, GA. this is already scheduled for spring break!

write songs. gawshh I'm such a chicken!

finish watching Lost. I've been on season 2 foreeevvverrrr.

seize opportunities. daang, this is tough!

and from my bucket list which I'm sure you've read extensively... I choose memorize a book of the Bible and get ripped as my top two. I'll keep you posted on that.

What do you want to do this year?


Hannah said...

1. Become a better housekeeper
I am way too lazy.
2. Open my home more often to those around me.
Hopefully after we move and I don't have a house full of boxes.

Martha A. said...

I want to write a book....
And I want to write at least 12 book reviews a month....which means I am reading a lot of books.
I also want to attend a writer's conference this year, which I am very nervous about!
I would like to bike and walk more, probably each 100 miles this year.