March 9, 2012

what's going on...

yeahh, I'm getting my brother hooked on how i met your mother.

i'm sick of writing down biology notes and studying for 2 separate tests.

i'm job hunting... still gonna work at sizzler though.

i have a new piano student. his name is Mason and he's 6. *happy face*

yesterday i ate only apples and drank tons of water & tea and i lost a pound. i'm pretty sure i gained 5 today because i was so excited to eat food again. *siiiigh* must work out.

currently working on being one of these four amazing women. it's my dream.

there are just a few days left of the main street model search, and you can still vote for me! here's the link: 

and yeah, that's about it.... what's going on with you? :) 

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