June 22, 2012

can we start this day over, please?

I'm not sure if it's the weather,

the fact that I've cleaned puppy pee off 4 surfaces today so far (and puppy poop off of 1),

I had no time to work out,

my workplace makes me tame my wild and wonderful curls,

my anger & frustration at  myself,

my frustration with the puppy who KNOWS to pee outside,

my guilt at feeling frustrated with the puppy because she's just a baby (is this a bad sign? I might not be a good parent.),

my okay-ness with being walked on,

my fear of my new job (even though it's 4 months away),

or maybe it's just... today?

I'm tired. I want to go back to bed and cuddle with the puppy and watch Scrubs and start over.

I'm useless. :/

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Caitlyn said...

There are days like that. And they are lousy and, at least for me, just about the only thing that makes them better is knowing that they will, inevitably, end.

I'm not yet a parent, so perhaps I'm not a good source, but I expressed just about that same fear for close to the same reason when I was right around your age; my reassurance came from a friend who was a parent who assured me that it is perfectly normal and natural to be frustrated and that if you're worried about being frustrated and not taking it out on the small living being in your care, you are probably doing a decent job.

Hang in there. Snuggle with the puppy. Look forward to tomorrow.