September 6, 2012

too spazzy.


I drank entirely too much coffee today.

that song "Jolene Jolene Jolene JoLEEEEENE" is in my head. I heard it at Colter's earlier.

Tomorrow is my first class at Junior Music Academy. It starts at 3:45 but I'm sooo nervous I'll probably be at the Academy by 1:00.

I love playing piano this time of night. I think I got my passion back. I played a Beethoven Sonata and put Lucy to sleep.

BSF starts in a few days and I am So. Excited.

I love my cartilage piercing.

"I'm in love with God & God's in love with me, this is who I am & this is who I'll be & that settles it. Completely." <3 p="p">
My back needs to heal up fast, I miss running. :(

Can't wait to own a Keurig.

I have more private students this semester than I've ever had.

As much as I complain about Sizzler, it'll probably break my heart when I have to quit.

My Snoopy pajama pants are the fuzziest, warmest, most unflattering jammies ever and I love them.

Oh my soul, Lucy used to be SO small.

Now I think I shall be off to do something else... I'm soo nervous :S will let you know how it goes!!

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