October 5, 2012

Just a Short Late-Night Task List

Lucy's chewing on my pajama pants strings right now....

I have a full night and an early morning ahead of me. Even if I don't have a voice lesson at 9:00, I still have to work at Sizzler at 10:30, which means getting up and getting ready and getting dressed and reading my Bible and chugging my spinach smoothie and not getting to snuggle with Lu :(

So tonight, I want to get all my songs for choir ready (that's Tuesday night), do a little Jillian Michaels yoga, take a shower, put up my hair, and.. whatever else. I'm really into showering before bed now. I can make a loose bun on top of my head with damp hair, sleep on it, and in the morning my curls will be PERFECT. Also, when it's cold like this, I have an aversion to morning showers because I don't normally blow dry my hair, I get sooo cold, goose bumps, frozen, ACK.

Next week I'm substitute teaching at JMA on Thursday again. That means I will teach the Thursday 3:45 & 4:45 classes, instead of just observing them, as well as my 3:45 & 4:45 classes on Friday... yikes! But I kept up on BSF this week, and I don't feel too overwhelmed and scared. (Lucy did somehow luck out and get away with not having a bath or her toenails clipped this week.)

I love stretching and growing. I love times in my life when I just throw up my hands in frustration with mascara and angry tears running down my face, and I just yell, "You know what?! I give up! I can't do this!" and then God is all like "Oh yes you caaaaaan" and then He imparts weird strength that I didn't think anyone could have. It's happened on several occasions in the last couple of years, and the results are just amazing. I can't wait to see what He's gonna do with me next.


Michael Selhost said...

The last paragraph = :]

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Awww. I loved this post.