November 4, 2012

Right Now I Love...

White chocolate peanut butter Americanos from Spill the Beans... and also this guy's tumblr: Daily Odd Compliment
He posts funny and great compliments like this one:

Annnndddd if you're totally a creeper like me, you can follow Daily Odd Compliments on Twitter here, or the creator, Logan Rhoades' Twitter here. 

Pretty fantastic.

In other news of my life, Jason gets to come back for Thanksgiving... and I probably have a few days off from school and teaching, which will be nice.

Yesterday, I only drank one cup of tea and it ended up being like the worst day ever. I won't make THAT mistake again!!

Also I think some great plans are taking shape for Christmas break... we'll see how that goes. Hopefully Baby Grape will be born and I can go snuggle the crap out of him. Not literally. He doesn't need my help for that, I'm assuming. 

5 days until Keurig. 

I gotta get ready for work. Have a great Sunday, everyone! 

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