February 5, 2014

First Things First

First things first:
Word in.
Work out.
Work plan.

This sounds simple enough. My mom sent me a care package for valentine's day containing various good and fun and some delicious things for me, along with Ann Voskamp's 25 Point Manifesto for Sanity . She included a poster for me, plus instructions for each point. Here are the instructions for #1:

Open your eyes every morning and do just 3 first.
Word in. Get into God's Word and let it get into you.
Work out. (Not a hard thing for me)
Work plan. Write out the work plan. Then work the plan.

I've been struggling with time management already this semester. It's a heavier work load as far as credits and school, and I'm working an extra shift each week. I'm already exhausted. I'm tired of reading, memorizing, researching, cleaning. I feel heavy and weighed down. I've been stuck in sin and freed and stuck again and why do I keep going back to it? I am TIRED.

But, you know what? More grace.

More grace.

I am so excited to start my sweet sister Ann's 25 point manifesto. This is a good year. The no fear year. I climb into bed each night exhausted, and I wake up thankful and excited (and cold!). There is always more grace.

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