March 2, 2014

Sum it Up, February!

Last month flew by. Here are a few things I did in 28 days.

I ran 12 1/2 miles. Not quite on track with my running goals, but when it's cold like this I'm too pansy to run outside, so I wait until a day off (I have four completely free days every month) to go to the gym.

I did insanity 11 times. I feel really good.

I finished reading one book - Let the Nations be Glad! By John Piper. Excellent read.

We did some math in our intro to biblical counseling class last week where we figured out how many hours a week we spend doing stuff. Then we got a chart to start writing down in half-hour increments everything that we do all day long.

I tried lamb for the first time, complete with mint jelly. I wished I'd been wearing high heels instead of boots, cuz it was both classy and delicious.

I finished my first (well, technically my second) list of 1,000 gifts.

I spent roughly 116 hours at Ace hardware.

I spent roughly 68 hours in class.

And who knows how much time I spent on homework and assignments (not enough, I would say).

March is going to be a good month... :)

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