April 18, 2014

"Freshman" Year Draws to a Close

As things wind down (or wind up, depending on how you look at it) here in Bozeman this spring, I thought I would reflect on a few things I've learned since I've been here at MBC, with the help of my journal as a reference.

- how to go a week without showering. It's surprisingly easy.

- coconut oil is good for everything.

- suddenly everything is a lot more expensive than it was when I lived with my parents.

- the Lord is my banner. Yahweh-Nissi.

- I want to own a little coffee shop one day, full of squishy couches and old books and Scott Barkan playing constantly.

- it is okay to break up with someone that makes you miserable, even if they tell you that they don't make you miserable.

- of all the places I applied to work, I never suspected I'd be hired at a hardware store... and I never thought I'd like it!

- my parents really know what they're talking about.

- snow bunnies are the tastiest thing in all of ever.

- you can't trust every person that tells you you're cute.

- Lorde's album is really, really good.

- I can run from my apartment to Zocalo, so I really know all I need to know. :)

You and I, caught up in wind like we were parachutes<3 p="">

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