October 16, 2009

I have to go, I have to go

I just made a list of 27 Ambitions--things I want to accomplish between now and when I'm dead. The list is actually very funny to read (you don't get to read it, haha, only I do!), with everything from "sponsor a child" to "make a CD" to "throw a message in a bottle out to sea" to (don't laugh) "learn to do a cartwheel." Because I was just reading Do Hard Things this morning, for Bible, and I thought, I'm going to write down ten hard things I want to do. So after I did this, I realized that I had a similar list in one of my other journals, so I found that list and then I compiled them into a document on my computer. And I was reading about one of the girls in Do Hard Things that wasn't pushing herself, because it was so easy to slip by with the expectations everyone else was pinning on her. And I realized I'm in the same boat as her, in a way. I doubt anybody really EXPECTS me to finish a musical, right? Except maybe Jonathan, because if I don't he's out a whole pack or two of stickers. But, like, I'm not even sure I expect it of myself. Which is where I need to start. Then again, it's one thing to blog about writing a musical, and it's another entirely to sit down and grit your teeth and git 'er done.

Well, I just realized I have SO much I want to do--and no reason why I'm not doing it!! I don't get myself sometimes. Or even like all the time. I'm a pretty confusing individual. So, I'm going to start working on those 27 things--TODAY--and I might even come up with one or two more. I never ever want to run out of hard things on my list. I never want to run out of goals. I want to pursue excellence, not excuses. =]

On a less deep and inspiring note, I need new sweat pants. My pink ones are stained from that time I made cookies and dropped a stick of butter (and caught it with my leg), and my grey ones have holes down by the ankle... (sigh)

I start voice lessons tomorrow!! I'm excited because that's another hard thing I can work at, and hopefully excel. Especially if she wants me to do those breathing exercises with that twenty pound weight on my stomach like she wanted me to do every morning last year... but I only did it once or twice a week. See? I'm confusing.

Okay, I gotta get back to school now. I just wanted to write down my thoughts... I would have journaled them but it would have taken even longer! So, here I go. Ambition #1: Finish my musical and perform it....


Nicole said...

One of life's greatest lessons, which we all must learn, could be expressed in the phrase, "That was nothing. Watch this." Challenge yourself and others to call the normal things normal and save the word excellent for things that really are.

Rena said...

Thanks for the invite, Nicole. I love how your blog looks and I'm excited to check it out.

Great idea about making the list, especially adding fun and/or simple items to it in addition to more challenging ones. I'm a list-maker too. Good luck and I hope you reach your goal.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Rena! (I only just now saw your comment) It makes a big difference in my attitude when I act like a grown-up and be responsible and get all my stuff done... rather than when I act like a a teenager and get on facebook all day =]
I'm so totally a list maker! I make lists of EVERYTHING!