September 16, 2010

troubles I once knew, I left behind

As of this moment, I have survived ten math classes, five writing classes, five world music classes, two music theory classes, three aural perception classes, and four Pilates classes (one of which I missed because of a vehicle that would not start, so it would have been five). After today (I'm leaving in two hours), it'll be eleven math classes and six writing classes. Today is rather rainy and dreary (I'm told in writing class never to say "kind of" when you mean "rather"), but to tell the truth I love it. This is the kind of day you can wear a cute skirt with tights and flats, and a long-sleeved burnout shirt. Ooh, I'm excited. pictures, maybe. hmm. :)
photo by Valerie McIntyre
Yesterday I turned in my journalism article to my teacher, and the day before I submitted it to The Mercury. The content of the article was on Alexa Schnee and her book that will be released in the fall of 2011, Shakespeare's Lady. I ended up doing three drafts on the article, and it was easy and fun to write (although possibly time consuming.) Well, the editor-in-chief emailed me yesterday and said that it was an "impressive piece" and that he would "happily use it in an upcoming issue". This excited me, not only because of my published work (yay) but because this means I get on A on that assignment. My next assignment is a literary analysis. I'm thinking The Moon-Spinners, my most favoritest book of all time. Mary Stewart is such a great author.
Last night I counted how many piano students I will have by next month, and the number seems to be close to fifteen. I'm going to have start doing two of two things: 1) give lessons on Fridays, even though I was trying to stay away from that, and 2) ...stop accepting new students. As excited as I am that I have so many, I won't have time for any more! What a great situation to be in. =]
I started BSF on Monday night which was equitably exciting. We're studying Isaiah. Such a great book. I know this is going to be a good year. I'm not in the same discussion group as my mom, but I think it's actually better that way - we can share more with each other when we get home. I get to take her home on Monday nights, because she rides into town with Dad and I'm already there, so I just take her home. I'm loving 17 so far.

I just bought this eyeliner at Wal-Mart the other day - it's Stiletto by Maybeline. So far I don't like it and wouldn't recommend it, as much as the cool name and the graphic is tempting. The brush is flimsy and hard to control, and if you don't put on your mascara before your eyeliner (which I don't, usually), when you go to put on your mascara the eyeliner pretty much crumbles. So today I might try mascara first and see if I like it better after that. I'm hoping to change my review because it just looks so cool, but we'll see.    

One new thing I learned this week is that if you get a raspberry white chocolate latte at City Brew, the coffee is PINK. My friends are probably tired of hearing how excited I am about this fact, but it just blows my mind. I'm thinking coconut today. Yes, a coconut latte would be very nice.

I had better go jump in the shower! Thanks for reading!

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