July 11, 2011

a man begins cutting his wisdom teeth the first time he bites off more than he can chew. - herb caen

I have not blogged in quite some time, for the simple reason that I haven't been doing much. I work about 35 hours a week (with the exception of this week, I have 19) and when I'm not working, I'm usually hanging out with friends or at home, desperately trying to clean my room. It somehow gets messier the less I am there. Also, I hate irony.

Anywhom, the purpose of this post specifically is to share with you my wisdom teeth videos (I think every Internet-loving, uneasily embarrassed American teenager uploads at least one video of their post-wisdom teeth extraction onto facebook or some other social network. I have two because the doctor came in at the end of the first one). It is surprising how unmiserable I feel, since I just had it done this morning - and I have noticed, in the last several hours especially, I have become very chatty and will not leave my mother's side. Also, I only had 3 teeth to be extracted, because I am conveniently missing one! So even now, my swelling is uneven. I will also try to provide commentary at the end of the post on some of the things I remember saying that didn't get recorded. (The camera ran out of memory. Sigh.)

My mom told me later I was concerned about how I got into the recovery room. This is actually something I remember thinking about before I even went under, because I noticed the chair had no wheels... And then later on, in the recovery room, I double-checked with my mom to make sure they didn't take my pants off. Surgery phobia. When the nurse finally came in and I asked her, she told me I ran, and I said, "really?! that's dangerous!" and then she smiled and said no, not really, and that I came in a wheelchair. I also informed my mom that I wanted a boyfriend, and she said, "really, why?" and I replied that I wanted someone to cuddle with me post-surgery. "well, what about me?!" (mom was a little indignant.) I told her, with a big smile, that she was adequate.. :) 


Rena said...

Oh, how cute, Nicole. I remember having mine out when I was about your age. I was swollen up like a chipmunk! My Nicole just had hers out not too long ago also. She had to drive all the way to and from Missoula to have it done. Eeek.

Anonymous said...

"She said I have great blood pressure." Ha.