December 12, 2011

Coley's Feel-Betters

Got SAD? Here are a few of my feel-betters that work all year long.

1) Always start & end with your bed. If I can make my bed in the morning and that's all I do all day... I still feel like I've done a lot.

2) Animal print underwear. I'm not kidding, it helps.

3) Giant yellow beanbag chairs. I understand these are hard to come by, so you're always welcome to come & use mine.

4) Coffeecoffeecoffee. Cold or hot or blended or black. Doesn't matter. It's a feel-better. I find it's better to pay $4.15 and have the best day ever each day than the alternative...

5) The Office. Self-explanatory.

6) Clean your space. When your room isn't cluttered, usually your mind isn't either. See #1.

7) Dove dark chocolate. If I thought anyone would believe me, I'd tell you that I only eat them for the cutesy messages on the inside.

8) Journal it up. Need to study? Who cares? Write a poem first. Homework can wait 15 minutes while you empty your heart.

9) Be pretty. Make yourself feel good.

10) Smile. On purpose. With intention. :)


Hannah said...

#2,#4,#5, and #9 are indispensable (although I prefer Calvin Klien undies- they make me feel rich). And if you're tired of Office reruns, Parks and Recreation is funny, too.

Hannah said...

By the way, have you read anything about Rainn Wilson? He's almost as weird as Dwight is.

Martha A. said...

Hot tea does the same to me....I can;t do caffeine though, but it sure brightens a day!