January 18, 2014

Today's Trouble is Enough

I'm contemplating the near future as I sit here chugging earl grey tea with stevia.

My options are, 1) returning to Kalispell for the summer, and hoping to work at Sizzler again and possibly a second job. (Ace in Kalispell, maybe?) I could live at my parents' house for free, but it'd be a twenty-five minute jaunt to school everyday.

Or 2) I could stay here and work at Ace full time (and/or maybe find a night job waitressing), and live in the super abandoned MBC dorms for not very much money, and be five minutes from anywhere.

This is a hard decision to think about because neither option is flawless. I miss Grace Church desperately, and I miss my parents and Lucy so much! but that's really all Kalispell has to offer me. I've moved on from many of my friendships there, and I foresee that I could become very restless and unhappy going back for three months.

On the other hand, staying in Bozeman isn't ideal either. I don't know of many other people who would be staying at the school over the summer (possibly my roommate, but she has the same conundrum), so I could still be really lonely if I was intentional about building relationships and hanging out with people.

Then there's the question of what should I do next fall? I had to drop a class this semester I really wanted to take, so that thought alone makes me feel like I should take a light load at MBC, possibly music classes at MSU, and lots of work at Ace. But I also want to move on to another school when I'm done here, and whatever school I choose would certainly have a class similar if not identical to the one I had to drop. So should I just move somewhere? Just start working?

I hate these adult decisions I've had to make lately,
And I just drank the last of my tea, so that means it's time to put makeup on my face and stand up to this day like the big girl I am.

And I won't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today's trouble is enough for today. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. (Matthew 6:34,33)

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Bruce said...

In the end the question is more "what has God gifted me with, and where would I be most useful for the Kingdom?"

Going home is always good, but if there are no friends to encourage and lift you up, it can get very difficult.
Bozeman has much to offer, I have met a lot of good people here, but it does take looking. :)
Another school is also a good idea, if thats what you feel you are needing to do? If you can finish at MBC, then why not finish out here? Give yourself more time to process everything. No matter where you go though, friends will move away. But God always brings the people we need into our lives. :)
I cant answer the question of what to do, and I concur on the dreadful decision making... It worries me when I have to do so...
But with prayer and counsel from others, I think God will reveal what He wants you to do! :)