March 28, 2011

Spring Break: Days Dos & Tres

I didn't blog about spring break yesterday or on Saturday, because I was too busy obsessing over shoes, but I have *sort of* been keeping up with my project goals. On Saturday I cleaned out my dresser: this is the bottom drawer of my dresser. I don't even wear *any* of those jeans. My ambition is to make a quilt out of all of them, but I think I've been saying I would do that for about three years... one of these years, I will really get around to it. The jeans I do wear are all in the closet. (long sigh) I think the closet is actually my tomorrow project.

This basket full of clothes it what I pulled out of my dresser that I never wear. I'm giving some of the cute stuff  to my nieces (by "the cute stuff" I mean the stuff they will like and wear) and the rest to Salvation Army. I sometimes get like loser's remorse or something and second guess everything I give away. I know I haven't worn that tank top in eight months, but what if I need it?! or how about this: hmmm, I forgot I had this shirt. I'd better keep it. You can never have too many pajama T-shirts! Well I think I did okay this time. I kept a few tees around, just in case, and gave the rest away. *looks down at torso* oh, I'm wearing one. ^_^

And here is the bookcase after a couple of hours of cleaning it out yesterday, and believe me -- my room was clean before I started. That second shelf from the bottom, which is now holding DVD's, was pretty much stuffed randomly with notebooks and papers and I don't even know what else. I sent three stacks of books downstairs that had to do with school. I'm telling you, it's so nice to be de-cluttering my life, as non-fun as it is. But at least I'm not trying to do it all at once. 

Today's project is the corner by the window. There's a big basket of yarn and there is basically a bunch of random junk that I don't have a place for. So tell me, is it wrong to throw away all my graduation cards? What about the ones that have literally almost no writing in them? I am not sure if I want to be sentimental on this, or if I just want to be like "the heck with it!" and toss them all. *sigh* decisions. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

March 27, 2011

My Favorite Summer Shoes

I'm so bummed that this whole "quest for white wedges" thing is not working out. I came so close to getting a pair at Payless this afternoon -- I saw the ones I wanted but they only had my size in black, so I asked the cashier if she had a 5 1/2 in white. They didn't, and she even called two other stores to see if they did.


So I'm back to where I started, and this is where I find pictures on the Internet of whatever I'm looking for and I go, "WHY CAN'T IT JUST BE EASY?!" Anyway, this incident has fueled my summer shoe obsession and I have picked out a few of my favorites to share with you. From what I can see, slingbacks, wedges, and really flat sandals are all in this year.

This is the shoe I wanted to buy today. It was cute in black, but white wedges are just so summery and this shoe was perfect. When I found out they didn't have my size, I got sulky and lost my taste for shopping.
I think this shoe is really cute, although it's only available in black. I found it at, although I didn't see it in-store when I was there today (I'm assuming this shoe would not come small enough for me). 
A little on the pricier side, I love the mix of sparkle and sweet in these white wedges from Buckle. Maybe someday when I have $50.00 to spare, I will splurge on a pair of Buckle shoes. 
I like this almost as well as the first pair, from Payless. They're at JC Penney, which I didn't stop at today, but I might take a quick peek tomorrow and see if they have this shoe out. I will try it on. Possibly.
Another favorite summer shoe... FLIP FLOPS. *love* I have four pairs of flip flops, but you probably can't have too many. Here is a shiny pair from Buckle that I think I briefly saw today.
I think this flower sandal from Maurice's is cute in every available color! 
K, Summer. GET HERE! :) 

(P.S. @theshoesthatareavoidingme... I will win. I will find you, and I will win.)

March 25, 2011

Spring Break: Day Uno.

I know I already posted today -- BUT -- I wanted to share how my first day of spring break went.

The first thing I did was chat with Alexa, who is having way too much fun in Italy. I made her promise to bring me an Italian boyfriend, and that we would meet for coffee when she came back.

The second thing I did was pilates, as mentioned earlier. I am not sure why I chose Super Slim Down... except that it's easy. Maybe too easy. It's so repetitive :( but it's nice if you're not wanting to do a workout that gets you sweaty or tired.

The third thing I did was clean out my bathroom. And I mean I spent like a couple of hours cleaning it out. I sorted things and threw stuff away and threw away empty bottles and finally VACUUMED. Okay, understand this: anytime you want to vacuum something in this house, you might as well vacuum all of it, because it's a ginormous pain to lug that vacuum all over the place. (so I did my bedroom while I had it upstairs. I'm prone to be selfish with my cleaning. I only volunteer to clean the places I actually spend a lot of time in.) And THIS is how much trash I threw away (most of it was empty bottles from beneath the sink), although a little bit of it is from my bedroom:

I don't even know what project to tackle tomorrow ;) oh! and as promised, my closet decor: 

The Wedding Crasher!

I'm going to be in a wedding in August. I'm so excited. My friend Jill (the bride-to-be) called me around Christmastime, and I hadn't heard from her in a long time. After playing phone tag for an entire morning, here is how our conversation went down:

J: oh hey Nicole! how are you!

N: pretty good, *makes small talk*

J: oh good. I was just calling because I have my little to-do list here, and I needed to call all my bridesmaids to make sure they knew they would be bridesmaids.

N: mm, that's nice....... wait, ME!?

Here is the dress that, supposedly, I will be wearing, except in dark blue (NOT navy, Jilly insists). I just printed out three photos of this dress.. one for my journal, one for my closet, and one for *gulp* the refrigerator. It might work. We'll see.

On the other hand, today officially begins my spring break (LIKE A NINJA. I'm sorry. I have been saying that to Jason all morning. It goes with everything. "Print, printer! LIKE A NINJA!") and I have sort of a spring break bucket list, although most of my time today will be spent on Bible and music theory. blahhhhh. Not blahhhh to the Bible, but blahhhh to the music theory. Here is my spring break bucket/to-do list.

1. Starting Monday, I have to run until I think I'm going to die. I'm training for Bloomsday, so that's why. Annnnd... I never really train when I'm at the Summit, so I am not sure what's up with that. Anywhom. It's going to hurt so bad. :( But for today, I will be doing gentle yoga. TY Friday. 

2. I'll be doing a one-or-possibly-two day juice fast. I'm hesitant to do it any longer because I don't have a real juicer... but I'll be drinking things like water and V-8 and fruit juice and stuff. Looking forward to it. :)

3. I will be hanging out with Linsey! I'm soooo excited. We're going to watch Beauty and the Beast and and and hang out and talk and we've never hung out before and ohmygosh I'm so excited. 

4. I'm going to the dentist. Not so much a happy occurance, but I want a referral to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Also, I REALLLLLLLY want Dr. Hoag to pull my wisdom teeth, if he does that sort of thing. Dr. Hoag did my implant, and he was great. And funny. I remember him being funny even when I was high. (Come to think of it... maybe that's why I liked him so much...)

5. I'll probably be going to an optometrist too :( I have not had great luck with optometrists, so if you know of a good one, let me know!!

6. I'm going to finish reading Airs Above the Ground. Remember that Mary Stewart book I raved about? Over Christmas break? Yeahhh. I'm in chapter 11. *sigh* I'm such a bad reader. I just don't find the time for it and then by the time I get home from school I'm a zombie that looks like this: 
So that, in a nutshell, is why I never read.

7. Lost: Season 2. Yep, I'm starting it. 

8. Hanging out. Yep. If you want to hang out over spring break, text or call me :)

March 21, 2011

Mushrooms With Faces. Enough Said.

I always have the best of intentions.

On the drive home from BSF or school or piano lessons or wherever I happen to be coming home from, I always think, okay, I'm not going to get on the computer because I have stuff to do.

So guess what is the first thing I do when I get home! yeah.

And this is what I have been doing.
This is a journal. After I saw it I was all, "I have to have this." And then I walked by my journal shelf and thought about how many I have and how I will probably always have empty journals until I die, no matter how much I write, because I am constantly falling in love with journals like this! sigh.
This is called the "Peter Silver Tail Ring". I am not sure how much I would wear it because it's so unique, but... I really enjoy unique things. Besides, it's ModCloth. 
For Richer or Porcini. Umm, yeah. Mushrooms with faces. Enough said.
Haha, what? It's an octopus to wear on your wrist! How cool is THAT!
YES is all I have to say about this necklace.
I'd be more likely to wear a rabbit ring like this.
oh my gosh, with every photo I post I just want to hug everything I see even more. Maybe it's because yesterday I got to see Megan's ModCloth dress, and I have been coveting ever since. I'm an enveloper, so I'll have to start one for that. 
yes please. 

March 19, 2011

I wanted the opposite of this.

Technology punches me in the face sometimes. 

I always have these great plans for Saturdays, since I usually have piano or voice lessons or both. My plans are something like this: 
1) I will wake up nice and early and read my Bible and be effortlessly beautiful.
2) I will go to my voice lesson and be energetic and amazing and basically be better than I've ever been before.
3) I will go to the Summit for a fan-freaking-tabulous workout, and burn like 800 calories and feel skinny because I am skinny, world!!!
4) I will shower after my workout feeling like a superhero.
5) I will go to City Brew and order some coffee, do all my homework, maybe watch a movie, and save the world. 'Cause I'm a superhero.
6) I will go home feeling even awesomer than I have felt all day because not only did I work out like a NINJA, but I got all my homework done so I can spend my Sunday layin' around and doing awesome things like not homework.

However. Here is how it seems to really work:
1) I wake up at 6:30 to an annoying alarm. Roll over, groan, and reset it for 7:30.
2) I don't read my Bible because I feel like I'm too sleepy to retain any biblical knowledge, and I'm certainly too tired to seek the Lord. Sheesh.
3) I watch two episodes of the Cosby Show, excusing myself because I'm too tired to read the Bible. And while I am watching, I'm getting all my homework together for the afternoon.
4) I stumble downstairs for my piano lesson at 9:00. I tell my teacher I haven't had time to practice (which is partly true), but it was mostly laziness.
5) I put on a little makeup to feel prettier. My hair feels disgusting from not washing it yet today, but I don't want to shower because I'm going to the Summit later.
6) I go to my voice lesson and have to clench my teeth to fight back yawns, every five minutes.
7) I get gas in the most roundabout way ever. If someone was tailing me, I would have lost them.
8) I go to the Summit, prepared to be amazing and redeem my day. Instead, I worked out on the Stairmaster for 20 minutes, decided I was tired, and did a bunch of crunches. Then I was done. It was sooo not stellar.
9) I take my time showering. I'm cold, so I stand in the stream with the water as hot as it will go, trying to get warm.
10) I go to City Brew and order 20 oz. of coffee. As soon as I start to drink it, I realize how fat I am being. 16. GET 16 NEXT TIME.
11) I try to connect to the Internet.
12) It doesn't work, so I reboot my computer.

.... 4 or 5 times.
13) This is where things start getting funny, as long as you're not me. I checked for other networks and I connected to a different one (from which I am blogging right now), but facebook was blocked. What the heck, world?! I can't even connect to City Brew's network from City Brew, so I have to use a different one where apparently people hate social networking?! siiiiiighhh. So that puts us where we are right now.

Comparing my two lists makes me want to cry.

March 18, 2011

Stuff I Don't Understand

I don't understand  why "guess what?" is technically a question. To me, it is read as, "guess what!" which is clearly a command.

I don't understand why braces work. It seems like they would just screw up your teeth even more.

I don't understand why contact lenses almost always stay where they're supposed to. Why don't they get lost in your eye more often?

I don't understand how people make friends. Why do personalities "click"? Why do they not?

I don't understand black olives.

I also don't understand tomatoes.

Or mushrooms.

I don't understand why guys have longer eyelashes than girls.

I don't understand salvation. I mean, really, who can?

I don't understand hair. Why do some people have curly hair? Or straight hair? or brown or black or blonde?

I don't understand where ideas come from.

I don't understand music. Pretty sure it is magic.

I don't understand the concept of infinity.

I don't understand what is so great about alcohol. Seems kinda silly to me.

I don't understand why we paint our nails. Who was the first person that thought, "hey, I'm gonna get some sticky, colored paint and put it on these hard, flesh-colored things I have on my fingers! That will be cool!"?

I don't understand how the Internet works. O.o

I don't understand where dreams go.

I don't understand "talents".'

I guess I don't understand a lot of things (:

March 16, 2011

how do I do this much stuff????

If you've never read Hyperbole and a Half, you should really consider it. She writes hilarious stories from her daily experiences and childhood memories, and then illustrates them with--get this--MS paint. It is just great. Here is one of her illustrations that I found this morning, while I was putting off getting ready for school:

Story of my life! Except I'm not really cool enough to draw dinosaurs, but pretty much everything else matches exactly.

Now I'm going to stop putting off getting ready for school and actually get ready for school. 

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, her blog does contain some obscene language. I do not promote that in any way. 

March 13, 2011

my hair is coming undone and my makeup is smearing, but you had better love me just as much.

I am beyond exhausted. 

This has quite possibly been the craziest weekend I've had so far this semester. Midterms are fast approaching (I've already had one, in psychology, but I don't really count that one because it was so easy and required almost no studying) and my homework is spread all over the kitchen table. I have a psych paper due on Thursday and I knew I had to get it done today, or else I would put it off until Wednesday night and stress and cry and pull my hair out and be a major pain to everyone around me. So, I got my laptop, I got my mom, and I sat down at the kitchen table (where I almost never do homework) with a resolve to finish the paper and I WOULD NOT get up until it was done.

And I finished! It took me maybe the better part of two hours, but working downstairs was a huge advantage because my mom could help me while she cleaned the kitchen and even my dad and brother came by at some point and offered helpful hints and some ideas. I confess... I did not put the effort into it that I might have had it been for a writing class, but that is just the funny thing about school. They make you take a writing class but then all your other teachers make you write, too. What a Seussy world we live in. ;)

As a reward for finishing the paper, my mom and I went for a short walk and came back home. I practiced piano (rather halfheartedly because of my lacked motivation and energy) and then Andrea called to see if I wanted to go for a walk. Funny, I thought. I just went for a walk. But I thought another one sounded nice, so I donned a sweatshirt and my Chacos (did I mention I love this weather?) and off we went. Loretta and Andrea and I walked quite a distance and by the time we got back, my feet were excruciatingly tired, and a tad dry from the sandals. I did a load of laundry and made some dinner, and while I ate, my mom and I watched an episode of The Cosby Show since my laptop was still downstairs. I drank chocolate milk, too.

All that was just today. I spent most of the day doing homework, except when I was at church playing piano and drinking the delicious coffee that my brother made for me. (He is so nice.) Yesterday, I had a piano lesson in the morning, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get motivated to get ready for Big Sky Bible Camp's Second Annual Fundraiser, for which I was going to play background piano music. I did my hair all pretty and wore a really cute outfit. When we got to the camp, it was muddy, so it was a bit of an adventure getting from the car to the chapel in my little sequined fairy-ish flats, but I arrived in one piece to find the chapel decorated so enchantingly. Christmas lights were hung from the ceiling and the tables were set with heavy white square plates. It was perfect. I felt like I'd stepped into another world. It became a little less perfect when we realized that the room was dimly lit and I had no light over the piano... but after a few tries, I got ahold of my dad who had not left my house yet, and he brought my piano light from home. I also found that the chair I was using was too short to comfortably play, so after sitting on my foot for two or three songs I informed my mom that "this simply won't work". We folded together our two coats and I ended up sitting on them. Amanda was extra thoughtful to save me a salad and to make sure I had available punch, so all in all it ended up being a fabulous evening. I even got to enjoy a dessert of s'mores and cream puffs with my family, because the auction started by then and I wasn't needed to play anymore.

And on Friday (I am so sorry for the lengthiness of this post. It doesn't even have any pictures *sad face*), I performed at the FVCC Talent Show, which was fun. I was in the first half though, so after I played and sang ("Sort Of" by Ingrid Michaelson), I got really bored and sat in the green room complaining to all the people who hadn't gone yet about how bored I was. I was really glad when the talent show was over, because it had me stressed out. After the show I went to Twisted Bliss with Courtney, Loni, Karmyn, Kelsey, and another girl I hadn't met, named Shiloh. We had quite the time there, and Courtney and I have already planned another Twisted Bliss date. This would have been like the fourth time I've been there and forgotten my gift certificate. :\

So, I just need to survive a week of classes, working out, piano lessons, midterms, no sleep, and potential pajama days, and then a normal week of classes, and then- - SPRING BREAK! I have big plans, people. Big. Plans.

In closing, I would like to share a portion of a conversation Matthew and I had earlier.
Nicole: I am so tired.
Matthew: That is what weekends are for! The week is for resting!

March 8, 2011

count me in as "who cares".

I love The Office.

I don't even know what is so great about it... Minus the fact that it's hilarious and quotable (those who follow me on twitter are already aware of my opinion on "#theoffice quotes" hahaha), but somehow it rather feels like real life, too. I did get a little emotional through the course of Jim and Pam's relationship, and thought their realistic-ish wedding was the cutest. Yes, Dwight bothers me too, yet he is strangely lovable. Who doesn't love a world where people have oodles of time to prank each other? And where the weird blonde keeps a cat in the filing cabinet? 

I finished season 6 today and I wondered what I will do when I have watched all the available episodes on Netflix (I think I have one more to go). I could start the second season of Lost (I finished the first season over Christmas break and didn't want to start the second until I knew I could watch it consistently, because sometimes I forget important details), or I could get back into Secret Life (shhhhh, I would never admit to watching that!!), OR I could go back and watch Monk or Psych (I am really enjoying linking the wikipedia articles for these shows hahaha). *sigh* I just don't even know. TV shows are like books, only you can watch them ^_^

What is your favorite TV show? 

March 2, 2011

Food Blogging: It's an Adventure.

Having someone over to your house that is dear to your heart and/or has never been over before is a fabulous incentive for making something yummy. That being said, I perused tasty kitchen and picked out a few things I would want to make. I knew I had seen a bacon pasta recipe on there before that called for a whole delicious pound of bacon, and I wanted to make cupcakes. Well, that is easier said than found. There are 39 pages in the cupcakes section alone of delicious sounding cupcakes. Some of my favorites that I wanted to try were chai cupcakes with snickerdoodle frosting, raspberry lemonade cupcakes, key lime pie cupcakes, sprite cupcakes, S'mores cupcakes, and... my favorite... French toast cupcakes with maple frosting and BACON. each cupcake has a tiny slice of bacon on top. I soo want to try them! All in good time, I suppose. My choice for today (and also Courtney's choice) is rainbow cupcakes. These were simple, albeit time consuming (they are in the oven even as I blog). You just take a box of classic white cake mix, a cup of sour cream, a half cup of milk, two eggs and a third of a cup of vegetable oil (I used olive oil) and mix it up until it's smooth. Divide the batter into however many colors you want to use (I did five) and then you just layer the dough by color into the pan. This was the time consuming part. It didn't really want to spread very well, so I had to dip my finger in water every few swipes. I can also see now that I filled each little tin too full... my top color was red so I have a dozen cupcakes that look like the mushrooms from Mario bros. :) Oh well, live and learn.

Eventually I found the pasta recipe: bacon and parmesan pasta. This delicious looking (and sounding!) dish calls for a pound of bacon (yup, a whole pound), red pepper flakes, heavy cream, cream cheese, parmesan cheese, eggs and black pepper. Now, in my experience, anything that calls for heavy cream, cream cheese, butter, or pretty much anything fattening and creamy HAS to be good. We don't even have to MENTION bacon :D This was a little hard to make because you kind of had to time everything just right -- the sauce has raw eggs so you want to make sure the sauce is done before the noodles, that way you can toss the sauce with the noodles and the hot noodles cook the eggs. I also found it kind of bland, and had to add tons of salt to make it interesting :( I think next time that I cook this, I will just make the noodles and bacon and then use a different alfredo sauce (made with only cream, butter, and garlic. YUM.)

I wish I had had time to try another new thing, maybe a fruit salad or a bread product. But alas, my Tuesday went by far too quickly! And I'm bringing some leftover cupcakes to school tomorrow... soo... :)

sorry for no pictures :(