March 8, 2011

count me in as "who cares".

I love The Office.

I don't even know what is so great about it... Minus the fact that it's hilarious and quotable (those who follow me on twitter are already aware of my opinion on "#theoffice quotes" hahaha), but somehow it rather feels like real life, too. I did get a little emotional through the course of Jim and Pam's relationship, and thought their realistic-ish wedding was the cutest. Yes, Dwight bothers me too, yet he is strangely lovable. Who doesn't love a world where people have oodles of time to prank each other? And where the weird blonde keeps a cat in the filing cabinet? 

I finished season 6 today and I wondered what I will do when I have watched all the available episodes on Netflix (I think I have one more to go). I could start the second season of Lost (I finished the first season over Christmas break and didn't want to start the second until I knew I could watch it consistently, because sometimes I forget important details), or I could get back into Secret Life (shhhhh, I would never admit to watching that!!), OR I could go back and watch Monk or Psych (I am really enjoying linking the wikipedia articles for these shows hahaha). *sigh* I just don't even know. TV shows are like books, only you can watch them ^_^

What is your favorite TV show? 


Frizz said...

I love Lost, Psych, and Monk too. You should give Castle a try; I think you would like it.

BethanyK said...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hands down.
Also definitely like Gilmore Girls, currently have been watching Parenthood which I've really loved.
My dad is in love with Bones but I haven't watched that one yet.