March 21, 2011

Mushrooms With Faces. Enough Said.

I always have the best of intentions.

On the drive home from BSF or school or piano lessons or wherever I happen to be coming home from, I always think, okay, I'm not going to get on the computer because I have stuff to do.

So guess what is the first thing I do when I get home! yeah.

And this is what I have been doing.
This is a journal. After I saw it I was all, "I have to have this." And then I walked by my journal shelf and thought about how many I have and how I will probably always have empty journals until I die, no matter how much I write, because I am constantly falling in love with journals like this! sigh.
This is called the "Peter Silver Tail Ring". I am not sure how much I would wear it because it's so unique, but... I really enjoy unique things. Besides, it's ModCloth. 
For Richer or Porcini. Umm, yeah. Mushrooms with faces. Enough said.
Haha, what? It's an octopus to wear on your wrist! How cool is THAT!
YES is all I have to say about this necklace.
I'd be more likely to wear a rabbit ring like this.
oh my gosh, with every photo I post I just want to hug everything I see even more. Maybe it's because yesterday I got to see Megan's ModCloth dress, and I have been coveting ever since. I'm an enveloper, so I'll have to start one for that. 
yes please. 

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