March 13, 2011

my hair is coming undone and my makeup is smearing, but you had better love me just as much.

I am beyond exhausted. 

This has quite possibly been the craziest weekend I've had so far this semester. Midterms are fast approaching (I've already had one, in psychology, but I don't really count that one because it was so easy and required almost no studying) and my homework is spread all over the kitchen table. I have a psych paper due on Thursday and I knew I had to get it done today, or else I would put it off until Wednesday night and stress and cry and pull my hair out and be a major pain to everyone around me. So, I got my laptop, I got my mom, and I sat down at the kitchen table (where I almost never do homework) with a resolve to finish the paper and I WOULD NOT get up until it was done.

And I finished! It took me maybe the better part of two hours, but working downstairs was a huge advantage because my mom could help me while she cleaned the kitchen and even my dad and brother came by at some point and offered helpful hints and some ideas. I confess... I did not put the effort into it that I might have had it been for a writing class, but that is just the funny thing about school. They make you take a writing class but then all your other teachers make you write, too. What a Seussy world we live in. ;)

As a reward for finishing the paper, my mom and I went for a short walk and came back home. I practiced piano (rather halfheartedly because of my lacked motivation and energy) and then Andrea called to see if I wanted to go for a walk. Funny, I thought. I just went for a walk. But I thought another one sounded nice, so I donned a sweatshirt and my Chacos (did I mention I love this weather?) and off we went. Loretta and Andrea and I walked quite a distance and by the time we got back, my feet were excruciatingly tired, and a tad dry from the sandals. I did a load of laundry and made some dinner, and while I ate, my mom and I watched an episode of The Cosby Show since my laptop was still downstairs. I drank chocolate milk, too.

All that was just today. I spent most of the day doing homework, except when I was at church playing piano and drinking the delicious coffee that my brother made for me. (He is so nice.) Yesterday, I had a piano lesson in the morning, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get motivated to get ready for Big Sky Bible Camp's Second Annual Fundraiser, for which I was going to play background piano music. I did my hair all pretty and wore a really cute outfit. When we got to the camp, it was muddy, so it was a bit of an adventure getting from the car to the chapel in my little sequined fairy-ish flats, but I arrived in one piece to find the chapel decorated so enchantingly. Christmas lights were hung from the ceiling and the tables were set with heavy white square plates. It was perfect. I felt like I'd stepped into another world. It became a little less perfect when we realized that the room was dimly lit and I had no light over the piano... but after a few tries, I got ahold of my dad who had not left my house yet, and he brought my piano light from home. I also found that the chair I was using was too short to comfortably play, so after sitting on my foot for two or three songs I informed my mom that "this simply won't work". We folded together our two coats and I ended up sitting on them. Amanda was extra thoughtful to save me a salad and to make sure I had available punch, so all in all it ended up being a fabulous evening. I even got to enjoy a dessert of s'mores and cream puffs with my family, because the auction started by then and I wasn't needed to play anymore.

And on Friday (I am so sorry for the lengthiness of this post. It doesn't even have any pictures *sad face*), I performed at the FVCC Talent Show, which was fun. I was in the first half though, so after I played and sang ("Sort Of" by Ingrid Michaelson), I got really bored and sat in the green room complaining to all the people who hadn't gone yet about how bored I was. I was really glad when the talent show was over, because it had me stressed out. After the show I went to Twisted Bliss with Courtney, Loni, Karmyn, Kelsey, and another girl I hadn't met, named Shiloh. We had quite the time there, and Courtney and I have already planned another Twisted Bliss date. This would have been like the fourth time I've been there and forgotten my gift certificate. :\

So, I just need to survive a week of classes, working out, piano lessons, midterms, no sleep, and potential pajama days, and then a normal week of classes, and then- - SPRING BREAK! I have big plans, people. Big. Plans.

In closing, I would like to share a portion of a conversation Matthew and I had earlier.
Nicole: I am so tired.
Matthew: That is what weekends are for! The week is for resting!

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Rena said...

Sounds like a busy week! And I love Matthew's comment at the end. That is SO true!