March 25, 2011

Spring Break: Day Uno.

I know I already posted today -- BUT -- I wanted to share how my first day of spring break went.

The first thing I did was chat with Alexa, who is having way too much fun in Italy. I made her promise to bring me an Italian boyfriend, and that we would meet for coffee when she came back.

The second thing I did was pilates, as mentioned earlier. I am not sure why I chose Super Slim Down... except that it's easy. Maybe too easy. It's so repetitive :( but it's nice if you're not wanting to do a workout that gets you sweaty or tired.

The third thing I did was clean out my bathroom. And I mean I spent like a couple of hours cleaning it out. I sorted things and threw stuff away and threw away empty bottles and finally VACUUMED. Okay, understand this: anytime you want to vacuum something in this house, you might as well vacuum all of it, because it's a ginormous pain to lug that vacuum all over the place. (so I did my bedroom while I had it upstairs. I'm prone to be selfish with my cleaning. I only volunteer to clean the places I actually spend a lot of time in.) And THIS is how much trash I threw away (most of it was empty bottles from beneath the sink), although a little bit of it is from my bedroom:

I don't even know what project to tackle tomorrow ;) oh! and as promised, my closet decor: 

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