March 19, 2011

I wanted the opposite of this.

Technology punches me in the face sometimes. 

I always have these great plans for Saturdays, since I usually have piano or voice lessons or both. My plans are something like this: 
1) I will wake up nice and early and read my Bible and be effortlessly beautiful.
2) I will go to my voice lesson and be energetic and amazing and basically be better than I've ever been before.
3) I will go to the Summit for a fan-freaking-tabulous workout, and burn like 800 calories and feel skinny because I am skinny, world!!!
4) I will shower after my workout feeling like a superhero.
5) I will go to City Brew and order some coffee, do all my homework, maybe watch a movie, and save the world. 'Cause I'm a superhero.
6) I will go home feeling even awesomer than I have felt all day because not only did I work out like a NINJA, but I got all my homework done so I can spend my Sunday layin' around and doing awesome things like not homework.

However. Here is how it seems to really work:
1) I wake up at 6:30 to an annoying alarm. Roll over, groan, and reset it for 7:30.
2) I don't read my Bible because I feel like I'm too sleepy to retain any biblical knowledge, and I'm certainly too tired to seek the Lord. Sheesh.
3) I watch two episodes of the Cosby Show, excusing myself because I'm too tired to read the Bible. And while I am watching, I'm getting all my homework together for the afternoon.
4) I stumble downstairs for my piano lesson at 9:00. I tell my teacher I haven't had time to practice (which is partly true), but it was mostly laziness.
5) I put on a little makeup to feel prettier. My hair feels disgusting from not washing it yet today, but I don't want to shower because I'm going to the Summit later.
6) I go to my voice lesson and have to clench my teeth to fight back yawns, every five minutes.
7) I get gas in the most roundabout way ever. If someone was tailing me, I would have lost them.
8) I go to the Summit, prepared to be amazing and redeem my day. Instead, I worked out on the Stairmaster for 20 minutes, decided I was tired, and did a bunch of crunches. Then I was done. It was sooo not stellar.
9) I take my time showering. I'm cold, so I stand in the stream with the water as hot as it will go, trying to get warm.
10) I go to City Brew and order 20 oz. of coffee. As soon as I start to drink it, I realize how fat I am being. 16. GET 16 NEXT TIME.
11) I try to connect to the Internet.
12) It doesn't work, so I reboot my computer.

.... 4 or 5 times.
13) This is where things start getting funny, as long as you're not me. I checked for other networks and I connected to a different one (from which I am blogging right now), but facebook was blocked. What the heck, world?! I can't even connect to City Brew's network from City Brew, so I have to use a different one where apparently people hate social networking?! siiiiiighhh. So that puts us where we are right now.

Comparing my two lists makes me want to cry.


Hannah said...

So how I feel like %70 of the time.

Martha A. said...

Well, I could give you all kinds of advice on how to change that....blah, blah, blah....but I will not. One thing I will say, try to look at yourself and your choices not because of your body type or size. All through life that will change and fluctuate. You are doing great to work out for 20 min. That is a healthy life choice and good for you for doing it! = ) Oh well....too much, blah, blah, blah still....but I tried!